Working on rice fields and farms for 12 hours a day is a very hard and demanding job. Why would a beautiful 18 year old woman want to do that? Many friends of Jenelyn have moved away from the rice fields in rural Quezon province in The Philippines. They moved to a town called Angeles City in the North of the country. Angeles is known as the hub of adult nightlife in the country. It hosts a huge red-light district founded to entertain US soldiers during WW2 and the Vietnam war. One street alone hosts around 80 gogo bars, the counterpart of what we know as stripclubs in the rest of the World. There are an estimated 20,000 sex workers in the city, not all of whom are bargirls or prostitutes.

Jenelyn is the new girl in town and has to make her career choice. There are thousands of similar stories from other parts of that end. Pattaya in Thailand and Macau in China are hotspots for Asian teens entering the adult business becoming entertainers in one or another way every minute. The lure of easy money is driving their desires for a better life. Selling their teen pussy  on Asians 247 seems a small price to pay.

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Over the past 15 years a new branch of the sex industry is starting to rival old established prostitution: Filipina webcams and Cyber Sex. Conducted in houses or apartments divided into small cubicles aka cyber sex dens. Each cubicle has a mattress on the floor and an aged laptop with webcam. Jenelyn likes this job much more than dancing in a bar and entertaining drunk, rude men. Online she dresses and undresses as asked by visitors, performs masturbation and other acts on herself – most times she enjoys it as she is by herself and her visitors are far away. The money is good and she thinks about becoming a pro model, maybe. From her first payout she bought herself a dildo. Since she put it to use in her private shows, she earns even more. Jenelyn puts her camera a bit closer to her vagina so people can see the friction it causes on her pussy lips. When she moves it in and out her lips sync the penetration moves by expanding and contracting, sometimes inverting. She earned enough to move out of the cyber den renting her own apartment. She even bought her own laptop with a better cam. Jen is good at business and good with her pussy. What a great combination for an Asian Babe.

Jenelyn gets a lot of offers from her guests. Some want to date her as an exotic vacation flirt, others are more serious and propose marriage. She has met a few guys already and says they were all very kind and charming – except for one German fart who smelled very bad. She doesn’t mind her men being a lot older than herself. She will turn 19 by December and hopes to find a serious guy to marry by then. Take her away and bring her to Europe or America. In the meantime she keeps on chatting and spending money on new sextoys.