The problem with the way adults hookup online is that most guys are looking for girls. They really are. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Most guys are looking for women who are so immature and so self-centered that it’s almost annoying.

In fact, in many cases I’ve heard of guys banging the shit out of these women just to shut them up because they don’t give a fuck about them, they just want to shut them up. That’s how annoying these women could be. Everything is about me, me, me and everything is all about buying all sorts of bullshit and talking about all sorts of celebrities and other crap that doesn’t really matter. It’s too easy to think that the whole idea of hooking up online is to simply just suffer through tons of chicks who are emotionally and developmentally retarded.

The good news is you can find real women. Real women don’t give a damn about all that shit. Real women don’t care about what other people think. Real women are independent and most importantly, real women can knock your socks off when it comes to fucking.

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Of course, that’s exactly what most guys are looking for at these websites. So, isn’t it about time that you stop looking at girls to supply what you’re looking for? Instead, focus on the real people that will deliver a good time, time after time on almost all guaranteed basis – I am of course talking about women.

There’s a big difference between a girl and a women. I mean, a girl can be 18 years old and technically be a woman but guess what, she’s retarded. I’m not talking about intellectually retarded, I’m talking about something worse – emotionally retarded. I mean, would you really like to stick a dick in that?

Sure, fucking at the first few dozen is probably going to be fun. I mean, hey, nice, young, tight pussy, right?! But dude, you’re paying a very steep price for that shit! It’s time to look for women aged 40 and above ’cause hey, real women have their sex game down tight, they age like wine. In fact, the best pussy I ever gotten was a women who’s over 50 and boy, that shit is like a spiritual gateway. I mean, that’s the kind of sex poets and philosophers basically dream about. And the good news is that findlocalhookup is there if you look for it.